Our mission is to enable businesses to build user-centric AI models.

We have felt first hand, the pain of not understanding how AI models are being used. We are driven to help the AI industry overcome this challenge.

Throughout the AI industry, we have seen companies using manual and ad hoc methods of analysing how users engage with AI. Using elementary tools such as email, teams, slack or user workshops to collect user feedback and data. This results in:

  1. Important context and model metadata is lost, making user prompts & feedback unusable.
  2. Uncentralised user prompts & feedback, resulting in prompts & feedback being unmanageable.
  3. No method to analyse prompts or feedback, resulting in unknown user preferences. 

This problem has remained unaddressed across the industry. So we have built Trubrics, the first user analytics platform for AI. To enable AI teams to collect, analyse and manage user prompts & feedback on AI models.

Meet the Team

Joel Hodgson


Joel has spent the last 5 years at an industry leading MLOps start-up, starting as an ML Consultant before moving to the Commercial team. Joel has helped clients to productionise ML and to implement the start-ups’ GTM strategy.

Jeff Kayne


Jeff has years of experience as an ML Engineer, working at a data services consultancy, helping a range of clients across industries clients to develop machine learning models and deploy them to production.

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